Tuesday, March 26, 2013

March 26, 2013: Spring Ain't Here...Not By A Long Shot

Enjoy the slow ramp up to temps in the low 60's this weekend - because another blast of arctic air will likely arrive around Monday of next week.  And...two of the major medium-range prediction models are creating yet ANOTHER coastal low scenario around Wednesday of next week (April 3)...with the suggestion of more wintry weather/snow for our region.  Nothing like receiving the dead of winter three months late!

Here is the latest ECMWF model forecast, next Thursday morning:

Another snowstorm?  Courtesy Weatherbell Analytics.
Don't let the mild weather this weekend fool you!  The NAO (North Atlantic Oscillation) is still negative, the Greenland Block is still in place, and Mother Nature is reloading the Siberian Express for our region. 

Here is the latest GFS model forecast for snow accumulation, valid next Tuesday:

Not a lot of snow for D.C. - Baltimore, but the presence of an Arctic Front in the Mid Atlantic makes me nervous.  Courtesy of Weatherbell Analytics.

As they always say...it's gonna get worse around here, before it gets any better.   Look for persistent, mild, springlike weather around the 3rd week of April. 

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