Wednesday, March 6, 2013

March 6, 2013 Heart Of Storm Has Arrived

The snow storm is in full swing across the region, and will continue through the day.

The coastal low has formed over night and is off Norfolk, VA this morning.  A compact band of precipitation is wrapping around the north and west sides of the storm, setting up shop from southern PA to WV to northern NC.

Bands of moderately intense snow are moving from east to west across our region.  Warm air is invading from the ocean, pushing the rain-snow line very close to the DC-Baltimore region:

Heavy, wet snow is falling over the cities, in proximity to this melting line.

Winds have also picked up, presently from the NE, gusting to near 30 mph, as air streams into the low pressure to our south.

There is concern that a heavy snow band will set up, somewhere W and N of the storm, as the storm continues to intensify.  This would lead to 1"-2"+/hr snow accumulation over a localized area.

Timeframe:  The storm will slowly move toward the E-NE through the day.  By noon, we should see the wind back around to the N, bringing in colder air - ensuring continued production of snow.   Snow
continues through the afternoon.  By late afternoon, the back edge of the storm and colder air may produce a drier, more granular type of snow.   Most of the snow exits the cities around 6-7 pm this evening.  Winds will continue gusting to 30-35 mph at times, particularly as bands of snow move through.

The latest accumulation totals from NWS Sterling:

Bottom Line:  Baltimore straddles the 6" accumulation line, while 6"-8" will fall over the DC region.

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